LJ Active Canada is a proud retailer of Australia-based Lorna Jane Activewear.

Managed by Angela Jacobson and Jody Refvik, LJ Active’s first retail pop-up location will be opening in Southcentre Mall, Calgary in the fall of 2016. The girls of LJ Active Canada love to get involved in the community and have been attending events, private parties and pop-ups at fitness centres spreading the word about Lorna Jane. Very quickly Lorna Jane is becoming the go-to brand for Canadian women who want to look and feel amazing while they are hitting the gym and living their best active life.

Lorna Jane’s mantra is MOVE, NOURISH, BELIEVE – a philosophy shared by Angela and Jody, who were so inspired that they decided to redirect their career ambitions to bring Lorna Jane to their Canadian community. Jody and Angela want to bring not only the clothing but the Lorna Jane movement to Canadians and inspire all women to move, nourish and believe!


Angela Jacobson, Partner

Move: I love to be active every day, which on the weekend may mean chasing after my kids or playing outside with them at our family cabin. I enjoy doing all sorts of fitness classes, including Spin, TRX, Yoga and Group Fitness. I’m an on again, off again runner as well! I believe you can work activity into your day to day life by having an impromptu race with your kids or taking a hike with your best work out buddy!
Nourish: I try to maintain a balance in everything I do. I believe that having a healthy attitude towards food means understanding that it is used to fuel my body for workouts, that said, I also have a weakness for brie cheese and a glass of red wine! I believe in the philosophy “everything in moderation” and try to remember that each day when I plan my meals and snacks.
Believe: Attitude is everything! I believe that every success or failure I’ve had in my life was a direct result of my attitude towards it. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and I believe the world is full of good people. I love my new career because I am meeting the most inspiring, supportive and like-minded people along the way. I’m beyond excited to see how this journey will change and inspire me.

Jody Refvik, Partner

Move: My favourite activities always involve being outdoors! Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling or just out for a walk with my family. I also love to spin, practice yoga and do strength training. Typically, I’ll schedule in 3-4 workouts per week.
Nourish: I love eating healthy! Bring on the veggies and beans! I take pride in feeding my family well-balanced and nutritious meals. Salmon, with mango salsa and avocados is a household favourite. I also love to indulge in some homemade pizza and glass of wine.
Believe: Everyday, I try to be better than the person I was the day before. That could mean volunteering in my community, pushing through a tough workout, reading a chapter in an inspiring book, or even not hitting the snooze button before taking on the day.