How to Find a Sports Bra that Fits You Well

It’s no secret that as you crush your regular workouts – running, skip roping, lifting weights – your upper body will shift and move up and down and from side to side. Often, when unsupported, the average A cup travels about an inch and a half in each direction, where a D cup can move up to two to three inches. That’s why it’s so important to find a great fitting sports bra that cuts down that movement by half and ensures there’s no cutting, digging or poking into your breasts. To find the best-fit sports bra for you check out our top tips:


When trying on your next bra, keep in mind that the band is a strong source of power where most of your support comes from. If your band is doing a good job, you won’t feel any unnecessary strain on your straps or pain in your shoulder area. For workout activities that may require intense action, it’s a good idea to slip on a sports bra with a band that has a clasp closure. This way it makes your bra easier to get off and on and gives the ability for a more tailored fit.

To ensure you’ve found a solid size sports bra, slide a finger under the band between your breasts. You shouldn’t be able to move it more than an inch from your chest area. Next, try stretching and reaching your arms above your head – the band shouldn’t creep up or feel lose, if so it’s too big for you and you should try a size or two smaller.


For cup sizes, there are three kinds that you can choose from: compression, encapsulation or a combination of these two styles.

Compression: is usually for A or B cup sizes and low to moderate workouts. This type of bra keeps your breasts tight against your body and creates a flatter and more streamlined look. Compression bras usually don’t provide ultimate support, so it’s best to wear these for lower-impact sports like cycling or yoga.

Encapsulation: these sports bras are great for all kinds of workouts as they feature individual cups that separate the breasts from bumping against each other. This design ensures each breast has its own coverage and might include an underwire for shaping, and a hook or clasp closure on the band for customized fit.

If you find that both your breasts are sitting comfortably and not spilling out up top, it’s a good sign of a good fit.


Depending on the style of the bra, you might have thin straps or thicker straps. Note that skinnier straps won’t give as much support, while thick straps will lower the tension placed on your shoulders. A good support test is to hold the top of one strap at its center, on the side with its matching cup and pull on it – the less stretchy it is, the more control over motion the bra will provide.

Lastly, take into consideration the fabric you choose. If your selected bra includes moisture wicking features and ventilation panels within its design – that means the sports bra is made to be lightweight and ideal to keep you cool and comfy during a workout.

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Top Must-Have Summer Active Wear Pieces

Summer’s here! And so’s our brand-new online store with fresh arrivals, modern twists and colorful designs. If you’re still deciding what you need to add to your July workout and vacation wardrobe — look no further. We’ve got our top must-have active wear picks right here:


Ultra feminine and flattering, the Persia Yoga Bra celebrates summer’s floral ambiance while helping you bend and jump into all kinds of Pilates and yogic positions. For super light-weight performance fabric and gorgeous strappy back detailing, check out  the full details here. 






Whether you’re up for some intense matches on the court or you’re going for casual and cute on the beach — our Cool Off Skort keeps you dry no matter what you’re up to. Made with stylish ventilation panels and ultra crease-resistance fabric, wear this skort for tennis or your next summer shindig.








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Hello camping, cycling and or airplane relaxing! This jacket has us pretty excited for just about any activity this summer. Not only will you love its trendy design with unique high collar (great for keeping the chill out), but it’s 4-way stretch means you’ll move freely and comfortably without feeling like you’re sporting a restrictive zip-up in any way!

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5 Breakfast Pizzas We Want You to Eat

Sometimes, cold leftover pizza from the night before, make the best morning indulgence. Unfortunately, greasy meat-lover supreme flavours aren’t always the healthiest, or fit for your taste buds first thing in the AM. Thankfully, there are a lot of easy-to-make, homemade breakfast pizzas, great for increasing your energy, and they taste delicious. Here are some of our top picks and why:

Kale and Ricotta Pizza

Acquired a taste for antioxidant-rich kale? Tell you green smoothies to move over as you start your day with a thin-crust kale and ricotta breakfast pizza. All you need to do? Roll out some thin pizza dough, chop up a few handfuls of kale leaves and add a hard-boiled egg, ricotta cheese and a few pieces of turkey bacon on top. A mere 15 minutes of your time and you’ve got a sizzling hot brunch ready to be enjoyed.

Bagel Pizza Breakfast

Whether reminiscing university life, or reaching for those junior high school days, Bagel Bites have always been a favorite frozen-food snack. And now you can live out an even tastier bagel pizza dream by whipping up your own 90s creation. Make this meal with a simple tomato sauce spread, mozzarella cheese, eggs and pepperoni mix. Convenient and nostalgic: Win, win.

Avocado & Egg Pizza Meal

If you’ve ever indulged in avocado toast, you’ll love adding a protein-packed fried egg to your delicious smashed avocado and its healthy fats. To make this AM meal easy and unique, opt for naan bread instead of rolling out your personalized pizza dough. A typical piece of naan is an ideal-size for a filling one-person meal, so you’ll save oven time and ingredients.

Creamed Spinach & Egg Pizza

Have a thing for baked eggs and spinach, with perhaps, a little cream and mozzarella cheese on the side? Then you’re really going to appreciate this sunny side up, runny egg pizza, loaded with a ton of calcium and vitamin A. Not only are eggs a tasty go-to for most flavor-adding pursuits (think salads, burgers, sandwiches and even on sautéed greens), but they’re a great source of protein power, vitamin B12 and needed minerals like zinc and iron.

Smoked Salmon Pizza

Whether served with eggs benny or eaten with veggies and potatoes, salmon often takes center stage no matter what you’re having it with. So, why not wake up in the morning to a scrumptious smoked salmon pizza? Pop this in the oven with a tasty pesto + ricotta base and sprinkle in some grated cheddar cheese for an added flavour pop.

5 Free Apps For a Solid Good Night’s Sleep

Getting good sleep can be a tricky thing. Staying up late as a kid might have felt like a nice treat, but nowadays with long work days, kids of your own and maybe a taste for caffeine – you might be lucky getting 5 or 6 hours each night. If you’re having a hard time getting solid rest – check out these 5 FREE apps to relax your brain and tune out the noise:


Do you end up feeling groggy even after you’ve had 8 hours of rest? That’s likely because your alarm scared you awake as you were still in a deep sleep sequence. With Sleep Cycle, you’ll get awoken gently during the lightest point of your sleep pattern. This means the app might wake you 15 minutes prior to your usual alarm, but you’ll end up feeling refreshed and ready to go.


Feel like you’re always too busy to meditate? Well, now you can do it in 3 minutes. All you need to do is start telling the Aura app how you feel – anxious? Nervous? Tired? Aura offers easy and relaxing micro-meditations tailored to your moods and needs. It also includes a simple gratitude journal, mindful breathers and mood tracking – all to help you visualize, improve and sleep better.


Get some shuteye to the same sounds and relaxation program that NASA sends to astronauts to help them get good rest in space. Created with scientifically-composed audio to help your breathing, lower heart rate and prepare your brain for sleep — Sleep Genius lets you take power naps, awaken refreshed and includes a progressive Revive Cycle Alarm.


For years, meditation and exercise have proven a great help to all kinds of sleep issues. With Centered, you’ll get inspiration and assistance with daily meditation and upping your activity level — which is measured by the number of steps you take each day. There are also 7 mindfulness practices to select from, including walks and body-awareness meditations.


If you’re the type of person who loves getting lulled to sleep to your own music mixes, Sleep Pillow lets you choose from 70 high-quality, ambient sounds, like soft wind chimes and flowing streams. You’ll also be able to set a timer for your sleeping time, and your sound choices will slowly fade out as you drift off.

3 Quick & Easy Running Tips to Prevent Injuries for Good

You might not be getting tackled on the sidewalk or racing to catch that football, but statistically Runners manage to get injured almost as often as football players. Ever wondered why more than half the Runners out there end up nursing injuries every year? Although running seems like a pretty easy and natural movement, people tend to forget that this type of exercise still requires proper training, pre-stretching and some simple injury prevention techniques. Check out these top tips for injury-free running this summer:


A lot of runner injuries comes from repetitive strain and stress on ligaments and muscles. Just like lifting weights, if you’re always doing the same exercise motions, not only does it get boring, but it’ll end up taxing the same body parts over and over again. Introduce some freshness into your regime by:

Trail Running: If you’ve got nature paths, mountains or lake-side terrain within close distance, try your running workout on some uneven land, where you might have to head uphill, change speed or even wear a different pair of footwear.

New Runners: When you switch up your routine and rotate between shoe styles, your feet will feel differently and they’ll flex and shift as you go along. This means you get to work out different muscle groups rather than repetitively putting pressure on just one area.


Don’t just run for the sake of beating your last timeframe or to blow off steam after work. Perfect your form with a good, strong running technique. Fixing poor form can be as simple as avoiding over-striding by making sure your feet land just beneath your hips. Many runners make the mistake of taking longer strides, then landing hard on their heels repetitiously. This causes unnecessary stress on your ankles and calves and upsurges the chance of potential soreness and sprains post-workout.

Keep in mind, you can also prepare for running by sitting tall at your desk while at the office. Slouching at your desk doesn’t do any favors for your back and it wreaks havoc on your running form too. During the day, do exercises like pretending there’s a string attached to your head, pulling your body toward the sky. Or switch out your desk chair for an exercise ball that stimulates upright posture and cuts out any leaning forward from the hip area.


A number one cause of running injuries is when runners try to go too fast, too soon. Listen to your body, and know that you need time to adapt to training and pace changes before pushing for more mileage or intensity. Build yourself up week-to-week by adding more distance in 5 to 10 percent increments, maximum. This way you’re creating endurance and pushing your limits without the risk of serious injury, major soreness or generally straining important muscles that you just don’t need to be stressing out.

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