Easy, Expert Exercise Tips Anyone Can Follow




Gearing up for some gym-time after a rough day?


It’s definitely not a hush-hush secret that keeping your body well nurtured is key to feeling balanced and content. But with constant new exercise info floating around – how do you know what’s best for you?


Don’t sweat it, we’ve done the digging for you. We’ve rounded up our easiest, expert exercise tips that anyone can accomplish! Check em’ out:


  • Don’t go from zero to 110% — if you’ve been taking the summer easy, set your exercise goals at about 150 minutes a week (or 30 minutes of physical activity at least 5 days a week). Straining and pushing yourself unnecessarily usually leaves you feeling exhausted and unmotivated to keep up the pace. Instead, treat your workout regime like a progress scale where you move up the ladder and add activities as your body gets used to it.
  • Keep moving throughout the day – Say goodbye to sitting in your office chair, craning your neck and squinting at the computer screen all day. Keep in mind that extended inactivity raises the risk of heart disease and even certain types of cancer. Instead, interrupt long bouts of stiffness with 2-minute breaks, walking, standing and stretching throughout the day. This curbs glucose and insulin levels and keeps your creative juices flowing.
  • Don’t skip the snacks— Next time your stomach growls for food, go for the snacks. But try a piece of peach, pear or apple. Crunch on a handful of nuts or indulge in some roasted edamame. As long your healthy edibles are calorie controlled (150 calories or less) you can’t go wrong having a snack or two during the day.
  • Stop doing crunches— It might come as a surprise, but focusing primarily on crunches aren’t high on our list of to-dos when it comes to core strengthening. If you’re looking to really invigorate your stomach muscles – bigger movements like squats and push-ups are actually better at achieving a flatter belly. How come? These full body exercises build a more solid foundation and give a well-rounded core routine to accomplish the dual goals of looking good and being strong.
  • Get moving to music— Feeling sluggish? Throw your favorite up-tempo track on as you get into your regime. Not only does your go-to song get you “in the zone” for working out, but listening to music makes you less aware of the energy effort you’re putting out and typically helps you keep the pace. In fact, studies have shown the faster the beat, the faster you’ll feel like cranking out those reps.
  • Burn belly fat by sleeping more— Remember the last time you had a bad night’s sleep? You likely woke up feeling exhausted, dazed and confused, and maybe even a little grumpy, right? When your body is sleep deprived, it’s not just your brain and body feeling this way. Your fat cells feel it too. And in turn you suffer from “metabolic grogginess” where your body isn’t breaking down nutrients as well as it should. That’s because fat burning and muscle repair happens at bedtime, so when you’re not getting enough rest your body ends up releasing cortisol – a hormone that increases ab fat deposits.

Get good sleep often by creating a relaxed “me time” bedtime ritual that helps you wind down and hit the sack around the same time each night.

3 Beat-the-heat Summer Snacks to Try in July


With a little grocery-store perusing or dessert bar indulging – it’s definitely possible to get practically any type of icy treat or healthy fruit choice, any time of the year.


But if you’re like many of us do-it-yourself snack makers, who like to look out for the freshest local eats and love trying your hand at tasty recipes – stay cool and hydrated this July with our top three ‘juiciest’ summer heat quenchers:


Whole Fruit Popsicles

Keep your favorite fruits as your star ingredient by mixing and matching summer produce (mango, kiwi, strawberry and pineapple) using a small food processor to prepare a smooth puree easy for spooning into your Popsicle molds when ready. Recipe 


Mango Frozen Yogurt

Enjoy a fibre/protein burst this summer by giving this (5 minute) creamy recipe a go. Add some extra crunch to your smooth mango yogurt snack by sprinkling pistachio crumble bits on top. Alternatively try serving with toasted coconut flakes for equal flavor and healthy goodness. Recipe 


Pink Lemonade Watermelon Slushies

Ahh! The ultimate refresher fit for any summertime celebration. Lighten the sugar load (often found in store-bought lemonades) by mixing this quintessential bevy with homemade watermelon juice and H20. Recipe 



LJ Active Canada at Fashion Forward YYC

On June 16th LJ Active Canada was proud to be a part of the runway show at Fashion Forward YYC, an amazing fundraiser supporting HomeFront, a local registered charity that works through a holistic approach to free families from domestic violence.


Fashion Forward believes in using fashion as a tool to inspire families and build awareness. Through a number of intervention and prevention strategies, HomeFront works to ensure families have the support they need to break the cycle of abuse and live safe and happy futures.


Domestic violence continues to be a growing concern in Calgary and we were thrilled to be a part of this incredible event. Through a number of intervention and prevention strategies, HomeFront works to ensure families have the support they need to break the cycle of abuse and live safe and happy futures. More photos from Fashion Forward 2016 to come!



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